Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is Mark Levin Crazy? An Accurate Review of Liberty and Tyranny

This may be a question you may ask yourself if you are a first time listener of his radio program. Levin, has a tendency to begin speaking in a very soft and gentle voice when he begins a sentence, only to end up scream at the top of his lungs by the end of the statement.

Callers who disagree with Levin, normally left leaning callers, are normally refereed to as "Moron" or "Idiot" right before Levin over powers their arguments with cold hard facts and the type of yelling you would expect to hear at a football game.

Levin recently released a book entitled, "Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto", a book that has been a best seller for the better half of 2009. In the book, Liberty and Tyranny, Levin discusses, in great length, the Conservative philosophy and how it is under attack by left leaning ideologies such as Socialism and Communism. 

In the Book, Liberty and Tyranny, Levin goes through a full review and criticism of left leaning ideologies and how they impact the fiscal and human aspect of the average american. Levin however does not solely single out Democrats but rather what he calls "Statists and Elitists". These are factions within both political parties that have infiltrated the ranks to begin a major expansion of government control over the general public. 

Levin also discusses "Enviro-Statists". Those who under the auspices of global warming, are using the average American's empathy for the environment and guilt to exude control over the common person (This is a bit prophetic considering the new czars of the Obama Administration. One of which, his Green Jobs czar, is a self proclaimed Communist). 

The question then arrises from this read. Is this book truly fact based and worth the attention that the general public has given it? Or, is it another progress stopping conservative tirade by another old man who just happened to have the times pass him by?

The truth of the matter is this. Liberty and Tyranny is perhaps one of the best written books that I myself have ever come across. The book's arguments against the statists are clear cut and fact based. His analysis of the current state of the government and the track the government has taken is concrete and unbiased.  He discusses the fact that changes in America has always been needed and there have been times where there have been errors (such as segregation) in the policies enacted in the country. However, Levin give's perhaps the best arguments for adhering to the founding principals of the country and shines a light on the true villains infiltrating this nation from with thin. It is my opinion, that Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto is a must read for anyone interested in learning about the greatness of America and the powerful statist and elitist factors that are trying to control it.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Politics Reborn: This is the Beginning

I have never been one for politics. However, over the last several years I began noticing a very interesting trend and, what I thought, was a misrepresentation of the political spectrum. My political curiosity culminated with the demagogic explosion of President Barack Obama's campaign in 2008.

During the campaign I was flat out floored at what I saw as baseless and gratuitous lies about our country, president Bush and the founding of this country. What worried me even more, was the type of magnetism this Obama was having on the general population, specifically the younger generation.

The issue was not the fact that people where voting for him, but rather the fact they did not know what they where voting for PERIOD. Meaning, they liked what Barack Obama said in the same way that you enjoy an Opera. It is entertaining and you are moved by what is coming out of the show, but you normally have no idea what is being said!

Although I became a bit vocal in my discussions with people during the election, I did not truly become involved in politics until after Barack Obama won.

Within eight months of Barack Obama's election, I have seen the near destruction of the Freedom loving, capitalist society that the Founding Fathers had built. President Barack Obama is a Marxist or Lenist (pick your flavor). 

And it is quite clear that his intention while he is in office, is to destroy the very foundation of this country so it may be rebuilt in a communist based platform.

From here and now, my story begins. I will comment on what I see and how it affects not only our day-to-day lives but also the lives of future generations to come. 

I will also recommend reading material for those to follow. There are several books that people should read prior to deciding if they are right-center-or-left. I hope that I can perhaps reach just one person and maybe we can still save this great country that is on the verge of catastrophe.